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Creative Baby Shower Ideas ? Miss A?

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Party planning and event decorating has become all the rage lately. Planning a baby shower is tons of fun. Everything related to a baby is so cute and little,? it?s hard not to get carried away with adorable things at a baby shower. For my baby shower I went with a special theme, ?Alice in Babyland.? It was truly ?Alice in Wonderland? with floral tea cup centerpieces, ?eat me? candy favors, and a Mad Hatter cake with a brown-haired pregnant ?Alice? on top. Baby Showers have evolved over the years, there are so many different things that you can do to create a special event.Here are a few ideas to get your creative DIY juices flowing.

Gender Reveal Shower

The surprise of the reveal is such a special thing to share with all your guests. Check out this adorable ?What Will it Bee??shower? that uses bees, bee hives, and honey for a sweet twist to a baby shower.

Photo Credit: www.pizzazzerie.com

Co-Ed Shower

It is HIS baby too after all! Why shouldn?t the father be a part of the celebrating? This type of a shower could be more casual and laid back. You want the men to feel comfortable, don?t intimate them with fancy things and silly games. It could be an afternoon backyard barbeque or an evening cocktail house party. Either way, just knowing that everyone is there to celebrate your little ones arrival is such a treat.

Gender Neutral Shower

Whether you don?t want to find out the gender of your baby or you just don?t want to go all pink or all blue in your decor, there are many options to keep your shower theme neutral. Keep your favorite colors in mind, think bold and fun!

  • Carnival theme: everyone loves a carnival!
  • Children?s book theme: have your guests dedicate their favorite children?s book as a gift for your baby?s library. Here is a great example of one on Hostess With The Mostess.
  • Alphabet theme: you can?t go wrong with the ABC?s at a baby shower.
  • Vintage inspired theme: this theme helps you keep it neutral with pale hues of blue, yellow, green, and pink you can mix everything and just stay away from specifics. It could be vintage clocks to hint that ?the time is ticking till the baby arrives.? You could decorate with nests, birds, and feathers. Also, decorating with vintage milk glasses for a ?milk and cookies-got milk?? shower would be adorable.

Photo Credit: www.blog.hwtm.com

Gender Specific Shower

Just to note, even though I had a boy, I didn?t overdo the ?blues? at my baby shower. I figured that I am still a ?girl? and deserve to be able to be girly if I wanted to be. That being said, gender specific showers can be done so cute.

  • Little Man theme: bow ties, ties, and mustaches can be adorable decor at a baby shower. I was obsessed with bow ties for my little man and ordered him tons when he was born from baby by stevie.
  • Nautical theme: a red, white, and blue sailor themed shower would be adorable for a baby boy that?s on the way. Make some waves with anchors, sail boats, and lifesavers throughout your decor.
  • Pink and black Safari theme: I?m actually helping my sister plan a baby shower with this theme. Here is a shower from Hostess With The Mostess that inspired us.?
  • Girly tea party: women love getting together at a whimsical tea party. This shower would be totally feminine with lots of flowers, candy, cupcakes, and of course delicious tea sandwiches!

Whatever theme you choose to help you celebrate your soon to be bundle of joy, have fun with the decorations, colors, and details. Also, keep in mind that the people attending your event are adults. They want to have a good time and feel like a grownup (don?t drown your guests in boring baby games). Serving alcohol at baby showers is totally acceptable these days. Just because the mommy to be can?t have a drink doesn?t mean the rest of the grownups can?t drink. If you want an intimate gathering you can have a nice house party, you don?t have to rent out a huge venue if that feels too impersonal for you. Keep in mind that everyone is there to celebrate you and your baby, so have a good time!



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